Dnomium test review: worth it?

Dnomium is a new DNA testing company that provides all the features needed to know everything about you and your genetics. But are their services worth it? We tested it.

dnomium health review


Dnomium tests are structured with the expectation that clients are engaged to assume responsibility for their wellbeing, taking deterrent instead of receptive measures to shield themselves from ailment. The organization’s novel way to deal with keeping up and improving wellbeing has just pulled in noteworthy media consideration, with City AM and The Express among the distributions that have highlighted their tests.

You can either transfer crude information records got from outsider organizations, for example, 23andMe or AncestryDNA, or essentially request a unit on their site. The administration is free on the off chance that you transfer a crude information record.

Perusing the site, I discovered that the DNA test would give me data about a wide scope of wellbeing subjects. I would find out about my malady dangers and bearer status, how to improve my eating regimen and wellness plan, investigate individual attributes and even get an understanding into my heritage. I was awed with the measure of data I could hope to get in one test.

Dnomium results

The outcomes touched base inside couple of hours in the wake of transferring my 23andMe crude information record, as had been evaluated on the site. I got an email to inform me that they were prepared and could be seen by means of the record I’d set up when transferring my DNA information document.

When I signed in, I was taken to a ‘Your Health Profile’ dashboard page (demonstrated as follows).

My Health results

The biggest segment on this synopsis dashboard was ‘Wellbeing’, which included two areas, ‘Ailment dangers’ and ‘Transporter status’. I tapped on the Health bolt, which took me to a page that gave an outline of these outcomes, and enabled me to click each condition for more subtleties.

The result of each outcome was shown utilizing a traffic light shading coding framework, with high-chance conditions hued red, normal in orange/yellow and generally safe in green.

I was worried to see that my Alzheimer’s infection result was featured orange, so clicked to peruse more. At the highest point of the page, a hazard scale was appeared, with a marker demonstrating where my outcome put me on it. Underneath this, there was a short clarification that unmistakably expressed I was at an expanded danger of the infection, yet that in the event that I pursued the proposals they could ‘yield explicit outcomes’.

Underneath this, I was given a progressively explicit hazard evaluation, which had been separated into sickness pervasiveness and hereditary hazard. I was satisfied to see that the hereditary viewpoint just expanded my hazard by 0.73% and in general just had a 5.63% expanded hazard, which appeared much less huge than it had at first.

There was likewise a portrayal of the malady and a table of the qualities that had been tried. Every quality was given a give or take rate, and while this wasn’t clarified, I speculated that it showed the dimension of expanded or diminished hazard related with it. I saw that when I floated my pointer over any of the lines, data about that quality and its connect to Alzheimer’s ailment was given.

I was glad to find that I didn’t have any red outcomes that recommended a high close to home danger of ailment, however taking a gander at my Carrier Status results, I discovered that I was a solid transporter of a transformation related with a condition called ‘Traditional Homocystinuria’. I had never known about this illness and while I was consoled that, as a transporter, I wouldn’t experience the ill effects of it myself, it was somewhat stressing. Fortunately, there was bunches of data about the condition. I discovered that it was not kidding yet uncommon, influencing 1 of every 58,000-350,000 new-borns with a scope of side effects. I truly valued that the therapeutic terms for these indications had likewise been clarified in plain English. For instance, I discovered that ‘megaloblastic paleness’ implied having an excessive number of red platelets.

My final Dnomium review

The Dnomium DNA Test gave heaps of data about my wellbeing. I was especially inspired by the quantity of ailments and attributes screened for, particularly in the Carrier Status segment. I truly delighted in the Nutrition and Food results and, in spite of the fact that I attempted to work out how I could actualize every one of them, found the proposals helpful.

The way that my Disease Risks were shown utilizing a picture just as content was extraordinary, and the clarifications guaranteed that I comprehended the different variables that added to my general hazard. By and large, I thought the test was wonderful incentive for cash and I’d prescribe it to anybody keen on discovering increasingly about how their DNA may affect their wellbeing.

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