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On Noova all products that we offer are selected with love but especially carefully tested by our team to ensure they are up to your expectations. Emile, sales manager (and incidentally co-founder of Noova), tested for you Evalight and tells you all that. Emile is yours!

Summer, without air conditioning, it can quickly be hell. The fan, it helps, but it also has its limits. So I was curious to test Evalight whose promise is strong. In addition, Evalight is one of the products that raises questions. We want to know if it “works” or not, or at least if the product is up to its promises.

Evalight first impressions: a futuristic little cube

So I received my Evalight, in a packaging not really up to par, the product is packaged in a brown cardboard, as could be that of a fan first price purchased from Darty. I do not know if they have a different packaging for sale in physics, but it’s a shame, for an innovation with futuristic design.

I come to speak about the product itself, whose design is quite successful. So it does not adapt to all the interiors but goes perfectly with a modern decor. It has LEDs that change colors, which can be controlled via the monitor (2.Lightning color).

At the level, the size is a little what I expected. The product takes up a little space (174 x 170 x 170 cm), but fits perfectly on a desk or on a bedside table. Difficult to do smaller hoping for a powerful air conditioning.

Getting started: (Almost) Easier to install than a fan

Evalight comes with a very synthetic installation guide. This is a diagram that allows you to quickly start the product. The installation is also very simple, just fill the water tank, connect (to a power outlet, or a USB cable, I’ll come back later) and go! Everything is then managed via the monitor which is composed of 5 options: Night mode, Choice of the color, Brightness, Unit of Measure (degree Celsius or Fahrengeit), Notifications.

Then, there is also a more detailed notice, which presents among others the operation, the characteristics, or a table with the variations according to the temperature and the humidity of the room. The manual also details the steps to change the filter that will need to be changed after 6 to 12 months depending on use (you can buy them here).

The heart of the matter :

Now it’s time to test the performance of Evapolar and find out if it is replacing indoor air conditioning, or a fan.

I tested it in several conditions: at the office (large openspace) and in my room.

In the office :

At first I am pleasantly surprised by the performance of Evapolar. At the time of use, it was about 25 degrees, especially hot, but it feels good fresh air from the product. The monitor describes the temperature at which air enters the Evapolar, and the temperature scattered. The air conditioner refreshes the air by up to 4 degrees and we almost get cold. Of course, everything is adjustable via the monitor, I pushed the performance to their maximum during the test.

It must be taken into account that it is a personal air conditioner, so it does not cool the whole room in my case (70m2 open room). Regarding, the power, there too, we can adjust. It is a little noisy when you choose the maximum power, so it is better to avoid when working in an openspace. I would say that noise is equivalent to a fan when we choose this option. In power of cruise, it is rather silent, and does not disturb anyone.

In my room :

During a summer punctuated by very hot nights, Evapolar makes sense. For once, I tested several nights, and each time, I felt the difference. Accustomed to the noisy fan, I set the power just right so it does not get noisy. I have a small room without a window, and for once, it is cooling down the room. It is for this type of use that the product is really useful and especially for small areas.

I would also like to talk about one of the strengths of Evapolar, which is its diet. It can be connected to an AC outlet, or to a USB port. In the office, you can connect it directly to your PC. Even better, you can also use a battery backup to feed it, and for once I find it very convenient. So you can bring it everywhere with you.

Regarding its electricity consumption, it is 5 times less greedy than a standing fan (10W against 50W for a fan), an additional argument for preferring an Evapolar.

Finally, for the sound part, depending on the power selected, the level of sound vascille between 28 e

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