Morus Zero, the ultra compact clothes dryer

It is not always easy for those with a small apartment to bring in a washing machine, let alone a dryer. To avoid spending hours at the laundromat we have found Morus Zero.

Morus Zero: the dryer for small spaces

When you do not have a washing machine, the laundry is option number 1. But if you do not want to wait for hours for your clothes to dry, you have to extend it somewhere. And if you already have a small apartment, then with a clothes rack in the middle you find yourself stuck! That’s why an engineering team imagined Morus Zero.

Morus Zero is a small dryer that will find its place in any apartment. Since it does not need a specific evacuation or installation, you can put it in a closet and take it out only when you need it. Just plug it in for immediate use.

Thanks to a unique technology, Morus Zero will evacuate the inside of the drum, allowing much faster evaporation of water. So in 15 minutes you can dry 1.5kg of clothing is the equivalent of 5 or 6 t-shirts.

Morus Zero: Space and energy savings!

With a height and width of less than 30cm, Morus Zero really fits everywhere. Very practical for small apartments it will also find its place in a motorhome or camping, he just need a catch! Empty, it weighs 20kg which allows an adult to move without much trouble.

Thanks to its intelligent program, Morus Zero detects the presence of moisture and will stop alone as soon as your clothes are dry. So each cycle will always be as short as possible, saving you time but also saving energy.

Finally, you can also choose to optionally add the option of UV sterilization during your drying, perfect for disinfecting clothes or sports shoes for example!

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