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MassInsta review : the new tool to growth-hack your IG

Massliking and massfollowing people used to be the major growth strategies on Instagram with the help of automation. Back in 2015, people were gaining millions of followers in a month by using these tactics. Over time, these methods were no more working efficiently as everyone was using them. Now, it’s totally an other story. Instagram installed various limits and these tactics are almost dead.

Recently, a very new growth strategy has gain popularity, especially in Russia. It is called mass stories looking. It consists of looking millions of stories of people per day in order to appear in their viewer list. When people notice your account in their list, if they are curious enough, they click on it and check out your profile. If they like it, they leave a follow.

There are various tools now that allow masslooking stories automatically. We have tried the most famous one called MassInsta.

Our MassInsta review

Before using the masslooking service from MassInsta here are the initial statistics on the test account:

Before using Massinsta

After signing up to MassInsta plateform (that took only a few seconds), we added the test Instagram account on it. For security purposes, a verification code was sent by Instagram to the phone number associated to the IG account. We entered it on MassInsta and here we go: we are almost ready to launch the masslooking tool.

The first step was to select our targets. Our IG account will look stories of the followers of these targets accounts.

The second step was to select the speed. We decided to enable the maximum speed (1million stories view/day).

The thirst step is optional. If you want, you can simply choose to pause masslooking everyday.

We finally started the masslooking process. And here are the shocking results we got after few days:

Results after few days

Every day we grew our followers count by 200-300. The engagement rate was at the highest. We had 10k-15k profile visits per day. The results were amazing and we were clearly not expecting this kind of growth!

Conclusion about masslooking with MassInsta

At the time we are writing this article, this tool is a MUST if you want to grow your Instagram account fast and efficiently.

However, over time this technique will spread and likely be saturated as many people will use it. So NOW is the best time to use it before the saturation and death of this strategy.

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Keynal Jorg

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